Alan Dershowitz

Emeritus professor of law, Harvard Law School

Lawsuits Against Networks for Challenging Elections Endanger Free Speech

Companies that make vote counting machines are suing Fox and others for defaming them. I'm advising clients in several lawsuits involving voting machines, and I'm a frequent contributor to some of these media. So, I am not unbiased. Nor am I unbiased regarding the First Amendment, which I believe is endangered by these lawsuits.

Colleges Are Now a Breeding Ground for Mediocrity, Not Meritocracy

Academic standards in general have been consistently lowered over the past several decades. That should come as no surprise, because standards for admission to colleges and universities have been lowered as well. To the extent that meritocracy is replaced by other factors, such as identity politics, the standards will continue to diminish.

Unseal the Mar-a-Lago Search Affidavit—But Redact It, Too

Under the First Amendment, there is a strong presumption in favor of transparency and public availability of important documents. This presumption is rebuttable upon a showing of good cause. The showing cannot be a general claim that investigations should be protected; it must specifically point out names, words, and sentences whose unsealing would pose a significant danger.


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